Report: A Good School Significantly Increases Chances For a Great Career

When it comes to planning for a great career for your children later on in their life you cannot start early enough. Proof for this comes in the form of a recent study which shows that those who attended good schools are on average getting the better jobs.

The BBC goes so far as to talk about a “wage premium” for former pupils of private schools.

Children in the United Kingdom who are privately educated have been found to earn almost £200,000 more between the ages of 26 and 42 as compared to those in state schools, according to the study.

So what is the reason for this “wage premium”?

Pupils who attended private school in the UK are more likely to get better exam results and will more likely visit one of the nation’s top universities. Those are criteria employers are highly valuing today, giving those pupils a significant edge on today’s competitive job market.

Now, ministers are saying that reforms are “closing the gap” between the rich and the poor. Today, more average income families than ever before can afford schooling their children privately.

With private schooling come more benefits, aside the obvious better career chances. If you’re interested to find a good private school for your children you can start with the list of independent school at Wikipedia. For those in the Hertfordshire area, the Kingshottschool is one of the recommended private schools in Hertfordshire.

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