Simply Luck At The Races or A Good Strategy?

Myself and several of my colleagues at work are into horse racing. It’s a great way to wind down, to get your mind off work-related things. Having fun at the tracks is also a good way to form a bond with your boss and co-workers, no doubt.

Horse-racing_1Recently, we started discussing some of the best strategies for the races that can help to increase the chances of winning.

A lot of folks are assuming that horse racing is little more than a sport where pure luck decides who’ll be winning in a certain race. Basically, what they are saying is that you will ultimately always lose and only on occasion, when you’re lucky, go home with some money in your pocket.

What speaks against this theory is the fact that some folks who dedicate their life to the races are doing exceptionally well – a hint that there must be more to it than just depending on plain luck.

The point here is that a good strategy for the races can definitely help with increasing someone’s chances. Most of the time, those horse racing strategies are based on many years of research and insider knowledge. In other words, they can help to predict whether a particular horse would have good chances to win on a particular track. Those strategies are often taking several things into account such as a horse’s track history or how they perform on what particular race course.

If you’re as much into horse racing as we are I can recommend that you get familiar with those strategies if you want to increase your odds. At the Horse Racing Pro you can get free horse racing tips to help you find out how those strategies will work for you.

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UK Car Exports Doubled Within The Last Decade

From 2004 to 2014, car exports in the UK doubled in value. This year alone, overseas customers have bought £24.8bn in British made cars.

The average value of luxurious UK made cars such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW’s MINI brand and Bentley has doubled as well. This number was at £10,200 a decade ago but is now at over £20,000 according to an economy report at The Financial Times.

Industry experts see those numbers as an affirmation for the quality and confidence in British engineering and products. The CEO of SMMT in a public statement: “This reflects the thriving nature of our domestic industry and our global reputation for engineering expertise.With booming production volumes and the increasing value of UK car manufacturing, we are enjoying healthy demand from both growing and established markets.”

Despite the positive trend in the number of British car exports, some experts are criticizing that only a mere 30% of the value in British made cars is made from UK-built components. Other countries such as Germany are doing better in that regards. As compared to the UK,  more than twice of a car’s value there comes from components made in Germany.

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Improve Your Workplace Ergonomics with Workstation Assessments

For pretty much any type of business today, proper workplace ergonomics can make a big difference. An ergonomic workplace can be the key to prevent many of today’s common health problems. Those types of health issues that are brought on by insufficient ergonomics can include common ailments such as back pain or joint pains  along with other health issues that affect millions of employees today.

desk assessment for better ergonomicsWith better ergonomics at work, businesses can not only provide their employees better work environments but they can moreover save significant costs.

Healthier employees mean less expenses for health care and treatment. In addition to that, a healthier place of work can also increase productivity and output.

For businesses, a workstation or desk assessment is the best way to see whether a particular workstation confirms to the latest standards in the workplace ergonomics.

This type of desk assessments is done by professionals and comprises  to check all relevant factors that can play a role when it comes to proper ergonomics.

There are two types of workstation and desk assessments: on site desk assessments and online workstation assessments.

On site desk assessments are suitable for smaller or a medium-sized businesses. A team of professionals will assess workstations as the name implies “on site” and in person.

For larger companies with a big number of work stations, online desk assessments can be conducted as well. During those assessments, employees are guided through a number of questions online. Those questions help to discover potential problems with ergonomics.

Professional desk assessments the best and most effective way to help businesses to make workplaces and workstations ergonomic.

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Report: A Good School Significantly Increases Chances For a Great Career

When it comes to planning for a great career for your children later on in their life you cannot start early enough. Proof for this comes in the form of a recent study which shows that those who attended good schools are on average getting the better jobs.

The BBC goes so far as to talk about a “wage premium” for former pupils of private schools.

Children in the United Kingdom who are privately educated have been found to earn almost £200,000 more between the ages of 26 and 42 as compared to those in state schools, according to the study.

So what is the reason for this “wage premium”?

Pupils who attended private school in the UK are more likely to get better exam results and will more likely visit one of the nation’s top universities. Those are criteria employers are highly valuing today, giving those pupils a significant edge on today’s competitive job market.

Now, ministers are saying that reforms are “closing the gap” between the rich and the poor. Today, more average income families than ever before can afford schooling their children privately.

With private schooling come more benefits, aside the obvious better career chances. If you’re interested to find a good private school for your children you can start with the list of independent school at Wikipedia. For those in the Hertfordshire area, the Kingshottschool is one of the recommended private schools in Hertfordshire.

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Safety Standards Landlords in the UK Must Know About

In the United Kingdom there exist strict regulations that pertain to furniture and furnishings within any property that is made available for let.

Furnishings and the materials used must undergo rigorous fire resistance testing to ensure they comply with the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

What types of furnishings and furniture are affected by those safety regulations?

* Sofa-beds, futons and other convertibles
* Beds, headboards of beds and mattresses
* Garden furniture that is used indoors
* Nursery furniture
* Scatter cushions and seat pads
* Pillows
* Loose and stretch covers for furniture

Landlords can read more about those fire safety regulations at

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Fire Suppression For Commercial Structures

While it may still be your own choice whether you want to install smoke alarms and smoke detectors in your own home, regulations are in place that make fire prevention systems for commercial structures a requirement.

ansul-1Among those systems that are required by law would be fire alarms and smoke detectors.

However, businesses should consider installing effective fire suppression systems in addition to those mandatory types.

The Ansul system is one of those fire suppression systems that is not required by law. Yet, this fire suppression system can increase fire safety for commercial kitchens significantly.

The Ansul kitchen fire suppression system works by distributing a special fire extinguishing agent via nozzles right towards those areas where fires often originate. In commercial venues those are appliances such as fryers, broilers and ovens.

The system can not only extinguish fires fast, it is also designed to quickly cool-off this type of equipment so as to avoid re-flashing. This is crucial in commercial kitchens where appliances can contain hot frying oils.

One other aspect that makes the Ansul system stand out is that the fire extinguishing agent used is self-dissolving and non-toxic. This means that even in the case of a fire, once the system engaged, clean-up efforts will be minimal. There won’t be lengthy down-times which means that operations can quickly continue without long delays or major financial losses. This especially important for venues such as hospitals, restaurant, hotels and so forth.

While the fire safety systems as required by law can already go long ways for the effective detection of fires, additional fire suppression systems like the Ansul can be a more than worthwhile investment.

More often than not, equipment damages that result from extinguishing a fire or the financial losses due to cleanup efforts may be as much or even supersede the initial damages caused be a blaze. With the Ansul system, those losses can be kept at a minimum.

You can learn more about effective fire suppression, dry riser testing and other fire safety topics at

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